Eating Smart, Being Active Program at Grand Ave Center

Grand Ave Center just finished a very successful session of Eating Smart, Being Active run by UW Extension. They were able to run an English class and a Spanish class. Thanks to Health and Disabilities Advocate Yesenia Arjon and all the advocates for helping Edna recruit and encourage parents to come. They learned some very useful information.

NGN started their session of Eating Smart, Being Active today. We had 6 parents come and they were a very engaged group. Thanks to Family Engagement Advocate Julieta Flores for getting the ball rolling by having UWEX speak at the FEN Meeting.

UWEX will also be coming into all the classrooms in June to do a couple lessons for the children as well.

It is so important to come to this nutrition classes, because we learned how to read “Food Labels” and help our family to eat healthy. (Mr. Vazquez)

I learned to plan ahead of time our meals and the benefit and importance of eating “Fruit and Vegetables. (Mrs. Vazquez)

Something that I learned and was very important to me, was how to read “Food Labels” (Mrs. Hernandez)

I have improved the quality of food I am giving to my family and learned about the importance of eating “Fruit and Vegetables. (Mrs. Peralta)